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Hot Sizzling Summer is Here!

It was a long and cold winter for most of the US, but the hot sizzling summer days have finally arrived!

Natural Insect Repelling:

Along with hot days come annoying insects that drive us crazy while we're trying to enjoy the great outdoors!  Owens Acres Insect Repelling Salve is a natural alternative to drug store products containing Deet.  Our salve is safe for children and even pets!  Comes in a variety of sizes and and is easy to apply.  Contains olive oil, beeswax, and pure essential oils that bugs hate!

Sun Teas for Hydration:

Instead of letting the kids grab a soda or sugary drink, try one of our naturally sweet (and caffeine free!) sun teas or tisanes!  Best sellers for kids are Owens Acres Sun Tea (sweet, minty, and ruby red color), Morrocan Rose, and Fairy Tea.  Owens Acres has more than 40 great teas made from flowers and herbs -- nothing else!  Teas are about .16 cents per serving and come in 1 oz. to 1 pound quantities. Selected sun teas are currently ON SALE!

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