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Edible Landscaping!

Edible Landscaping
With the weather warming up, it's time to start thinking about your home garden.  This year why not plant a few easy to grow herbs for teas and medicinals!  Here are some suggestions:
1.  Feverfew:  Beautiful plant with adorable white flowers.  Leaves and flowers can be dried and used as a tea to relieve headaches and migraines.
2.  Lemonbalm:  Relative of the mint family, so keep it in a container!  Amazing lime green serrated leaves can be used fresh or dried in teas, fresh in salads, or used to make antiseptic salve which is great for cold sores!  Delightful lemon taste.
3.  Calendula:  Relative of the marigold family.  Large bright orange petals are edible and lovely fresh in salads.  Dried it's added to tea for a soothing healing affect for stomach issues, especially irritable bowel syndrom (IBS).  Fresh can be applied to wounds and cuts, including open ones, to help heal the skin.
4.  Sage:  Besides it's culinary uses (fresh or dried) sage makes a wonderful soothing tea.  Dried sage can be burned for meditation or metaphysical use.  Flowers are also edible.
5.  Borage:  Borage is a beautiful plant with fury leaves that can be cut up into salads for a crisp cucumber taste, or added to sunteas.  The flowers are a beautiful purple blue and look like shooting stars and are lovely in salads.
Make your garden beautiful, edible, and useful this year!
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