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Well, it's been a while!

Hi there,

This is Kelly, the new mistress of all things in the computer world for Oak Hill Farm. We are still here even though you haven't heard from us in a while.

New happenings this year - We have a wonderful new farmer in David Cooper, who's been with us for over three years and is doing an awesome job taking over and getting things rolling here.

Spring veggies are coming on strong even with weeks and weeks of almost non-stop rain. We have new greenhouses full of babies that we can't get out in the field yet because of all the mud. Hopefully, they can wait a bit.

We will be expanding to include a Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Napa this year. That will be three for us now! Come see us at Sonoma's Tuesday and Friday markets. We look forward to seeing you there!!!


The Joy of Farm Life in California

Happy New Year from all of us at Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma.  Receiving Local Harvest's monthly email this morning regarding joy and being in Wisconsin made me oh so grateful that we live in California.  Fortunately (or, unfortunately depending on how you look at it) we are experiencing the most glorious weather this week - it's in the 70's!!!!!  Most of us are choosing to embrace it and enjoy it but we all know somewhere in the back of our minds that it really shouldn't be like this - we NEED the rain here in California.  But being Californian's - we're all out enjoying it while it's here.  I took my walk (that I try to do every day I'm here at the farm) and the nice weather made that ever so much easier.  The few workers that are here on the farm right now were back to wearing their sun shade hats and bandanas covering their necks from the sun rather than the knit caps, gloves and rain gear that is normal for this time of the year.  I guess farm life in California is all about being flexible and adaptable - and experiencing the joy along the way.

My next blog entry will probably have a totally different slant to it, because who knows what will be going on next I write.  I wish everyone an enjoyable hiatus from the work of the farm and hope you're all enjoying reading through all of the seed and plant catalogs and planning out this year's planting plan.

Lynn Thomas
Office Manager
Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma


Random Thoughts, Musings and Happenings

Autumnal Greetings!  I'm Lynn Thomas and I'm the Office Manager here at Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma in Glen Ellen, CA.  I had one of the most amazing experiences here on the farm yesterday and thought it perfect for our first blog entry.  Our flower farmer, Jesus "Chuy" Soto and his worker, Alfredo Soto, came by on the tractor pulling a small trailer made out of the back end of an old blue truck long since used as a vehicle.  They hailed me with a wave out of my trailer office and asked if I wanted to go with them up into the hills to harvest some of the early winter woods that they make wreaths out of. 

I jumped at the opportunity (literally) and hopped into the trailer.  Slowly the three of us made our way across the farm to the North and then headed East along one of the fields that yields a mixture of Magnolia, Quince, Myrtle, Eucalyptus and a few other plants.  (No one has yet to explain why it was interplanted the way it is, but I'll save that for another blog entry.)

We then started up the mountain - we sit at the southern end of the Mayacamas Mountains - at which time Chuy and Alfredo instructed me to now stand on the tongue of the trailer and to hang on to the roll bar on the tractor as Alfredo had been doing from the beginning of our trip.  We crept our way up a winding road that had not seen a vehicle for quite some time dodging branches with Chuy who was driving the tractor clipping off some branches as we made our way.  Several times we had to stop and using the small chain saw that they brought along, Chuy and Alfredo cut down and threw off to the side the trees that had either grown over the road or had fallen due to the recent rain we just had or just from old age.

After 20 minutes we stopped at the top of a ridge where the Greasewood bushes were that they wanted to harvest.   Looking down and off to the West we had the most magnificent view of the Valley of the Moon.  The truly spectacular day we had weather wise just made my heart swell and I felt truly thankful - for the opportunity, for the new found optimism that many people are now feeling due to the election of our new President, for these co-workers that were willing to share this experience with me.

I'm grateful EVERY day that I get to come to work here at Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma but yesterday my heart felt especially full and grateful and thankful and it inspired me to start a blog here on Local Harvest's website today at their offering.  I look forward to sharing with all of you and will often ask the other wonderful people that work here, artists all, to submit their musings.  I also look forward to reading the other blogs that you all create!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I hope it finds you well and happy and with family and friends.

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