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Our banty's are very busy! We getting around a dozen eggs a day from the girls who actually lay their eggs where they're supposed to! It's the "Travelers" that we're worried about. This group of younsters take after their mother Isabella, she never stayed in the brooder or the henhouse, if there was anyway to get loose she'd find it. We consider our banty chickens free range, with some restrictions due to numerous fox and coyote in the area we try to keep them in a fenced in 1/4 acre area. The Travellers as we affectionately refer to the group consist of one Rooster "Happy Feet" and his girls, Dot, Buffy, Blanche & Pearl. They are everywhere but the henhouse and yard. The sleep with our barn cats, clean out the grape arbor and visit the neighbors pool! Finding these girls eggs is a daily scavenger hunt. We found one clutch of eggs under a snowblower in the barn and another clutch under the goat beds, more babies are probably due any time now! We just love spring with all the new arrivals!!

Spring has arrived in the Mohawk Valley

Spring has arrived in the Mohawk Valley in upstate NY.  In otherwords, we're flooded!!   We are now officially in "Mud" season.  But on a happier note, our seeds and plants arrived this week and we're back in the greenhouses getting our hands dirty. Our pea shoots are coming up and hopefully will be ready to go to market with us on saturday.  Our local indoor farm market is held the second saturday of the month and we have two more to go.  Its been a wonderful help to the local producers in the area as well as being well received by the community.

I think my favorite part of this time of year. Is planting our flowering baskets.  I love putting the different colors and textures together.  Watching as they grow and develop into beautiful hanging gardens.  Soon the humming birds will be coming in the greehouse, flying from basket to basket!  Our robin and wren will be back soon to build their nests in our pansy bowls.  These never get sold.  By the time the babies are born and fledged the flowers are dead because we don't want to drown the babies.

Spike, Vinca & Violet, our pygmy goats, love this time of year, they rub against any fence they can find, to get rid of their winter coats.  Fresh greens are available in the greenhouses for their dining enjoyment, especially if my husband has his back turned! More profits to goat feed!!  Now that the chickens have more bare ground to walk on, they are venturing out of the barn and hen yard.  But they have to watch for Violet our little girl goat, apparently there will be a Goat Olympics this year, and she's trying out for a gold medal in "chicken flipping" , It's amazing how far she can flip a chicken with one lift of her head.  It's seems distance is more important than poor chickens!   I will try to post a picture if I can get it on camera.

More plants are waiting.....



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