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Baby Turnips, Turnips and English Peas

I have been posting some baby turnip recipes on the Facebook page, Elliott Family Farm, and a few on the Dallas Farmers Market page.  We have a good crop started and barring any bad weather, it should develop nicely.

Baby turnips are sometimes thought to be a specific variety of turnip, and some are used more often than others. In reality, they are simply immature turnips. I do not yet use a precision seeder; I use a JD 71 Flex planter circa 1980’s. Bottom line, I over seeded. Once that is done one must thin the crop by hoeing or by pulling the extra plants up by hand.  These baby turnips have a use and some people really like them. They tend to be sweeter and tenderer than mature turnips and may be used in salads and cooking, hence, the recipes.

We need more friends on Facebook and we need word to get around.  We love the Dallas Farmer’s Market but we love selling the produce straight of the farm even more!  Baby Turnips in March, Turnips and English Peas in April. We will have plenty!

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