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Short Update

It is snowing in Percilla, Texas. Zone 8B. Our English Pea experiment plot has done exceptionally well. I wish I had planted the entire place now.We have to wait out the snow before we can do anything. There is much that needs to be done outside but I have suspended all outside activites for the duration.

I will post a better update later on, much is happening in the world of sustainable ag as well as our little farm. So stay warm, spend time with family and dream of spring. Lord knows the Ground Hog saw his shadow this year!


Almanac, Hocuspocus?

for a while so unless it is a frost tolerant crop, I expect not to plant early this year. The system plan using the cover crops won’t permit that anyway, because the winter peas and rye have to be in the early bloom stage when we roller crimp them.

We are anxiously awaiting the results from our soil samples. We have no idea what is going on with fertility out there. There are places where the rye is very green, indicating good amounts of nitrogen, and places where that is not the case. 

It is January. It is cold and gray. We welcome the moisture and await the coming spring.

The January quotation comes from the almanac. “A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.” –May Sarton

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