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"Braggin Rights"

It's all about the braggin rights!

  So, I live in a small rural community where everyone has known everyone for generations.  I'm kind of a throw back, since I wasn't born and raised here.  I returned to the area voluntarily.....what was I thinkin :) 

  As you might well imagine, there's really not much goin the County Fair is a big deal.  We womenes cook for weeks to get ready for the canning competition....We all know each other, and we've sized each other up, for years.  A lot of rivalry.

  I compete with around 7 very competent cooks from five surrounding towns.  We all have our specialties...mine being the jellies.  But, my ambition, was get my pickles and relishes "on the board".  Well, after about 6 years of fighting the good fight, I finally scored big.  Three first places on my relishes, and second place on my dills.  That's HUGE!!!

  Relishes, OK....gotten ribbons over the years, but the blue has gotten past me repeatedly.  This em!  Admittedly, my dills "suck".  Always mushy, and tooooo bitey.  This year, I finally made a pickle worthy of my label!  Through all of the oooohs and ahhhhhs of amazement, I emerged from battle with the ever elusive red ribbon!!  Just a blushing blue! 

  I know, I's such a small thing.  But, in a small county, where everyone knows everyone, now everyone knows who rules!

  Like I said:                It's all about the Braggin Rights! :)

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