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Father's Day on the Farm

Well, I'm not really sure what a blog is, but I feel the urge to give it a try.

  Today is Father's Day.  Not one of the biggest holidays to celebrate, but a humble day set aside for my Father to rest.  He works hard on the farm....being retired, is not always all it's cracked up to be.  Being a single woman ( a return to stock ) of 49, I'm not always a lot of help to him.  And with the summer heat coming's harder to keep up the grounds, feed the livestock, fix the fences, tend the garden..etc.

  So, I would like to let my Dad know how much I appreciate him, by dedicating my very first blog to him. 

  Dad, I'll tend the calves tonight...even the sick ones.  Don't worry about the garden, I'll put the water to it when I go to the barn.  And Dad, your grandson can weed-wack around the out-buildings like he promissed that he would.  You rest!!  I've made some of your favorite relish to go on the hot dogs that your grandson is grilling for you.

  Enjoy your day...Wanna veg and watch a video?  Go for it.  There'll be Blue Bell Icecream when I get back from town.  You deserve it.!!  Have a great day Dad!!!

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