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Oh no! Please not that!!!

Heaven Help Me!  I just can't seem to catch a break.

All I want for Christmas, is a good night's sleep.  Sounds like a song, doesn't it?  Well, not funny!  

So, here I am, minding my own business....running around trying to get water on the flock....throwing a bit of feed to boost their metabolisms and keep them warm....and I hear this sound.  NAH, it couldn't be....yet, like some sort of bad dream, I hear the faint cheeping of a chick.  Come on, it's nearly Christmas, and I've long since broken up any potential nests.  No one wants chicks in the dead of winter, can't keep em warm....But, there it is again....

So I start poking around, and startle a couple of hens in a dog house (of all places).  Sure enough, amidst quite a few eggs, is a single, solitary, tiny little chick.  Chirping quite loudly.

Well, I know the odds of that chick surviving in below freezing temps, so I snatch him up and make my way to the house.  I grab a box, a little bit of paper for bedding, a couple of jar lids to put food and water in, and a clamp lite with a 40 watt bulb.  I drop my foundling into his new, warm abode and stand back to admire my handiwork.  Quite pleased with myself, I head on back outside to finish my chores.

 About 9:00, I've had my shower, said goodnight to all the critters (dog, cats and guinea pigs), checked on my new little charge to make sure that he was warm, and headed off to bed.  You know, early to bed, early to rise...... Anyways, about 1:30 or so, a shrill noise penetrates my peaceful slumber.  I drag out of bed, wander down the hall to find my new "BABY" chirping his head off.  I guess he had a bad dream or something....So I talk to him a bit...he quiets down....I stagger back to bed.  I repeated  that performance several times that night.

 That was three nights ago. 

  I now understand what they mean by "sleep deprivation".  I also find myself fighting the urge to choke the chicken.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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