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The Wonders of Nature Never Cease to Amaze!!

Who would have thunk it?!

   After going missing for quite a long time, the prodigal duck has returned.....with (13) ducklings in tow.  AMAZING!!

  I told the family that she had most likely succumbed to the marauding pack of coyotes hitting my farm daily.  There was always the chance that she had a nest somewhere, but it was more likely she had been lunch for some furry predator.  The coyotes have become so brash as to raid the farm in broad daylight.  Lost a teenage bantam at 8:15 this morning.  I startled the coyotes, but not before they could snatch a mouthfull on the way out.

  Anyways, about the time I was tripping through the underbrush, I noticed something tiny out of the corner of my eye.  Low and behold...there were thirteen little tiny things, with a very loud and demanding mother.  Guess she thought it was time to introduce the babes to all of their Aunts, Uncles, and Daddy.  What a sight to behold.

  Now I know that I'm going to spend quite a few hours this evening, rounding them all up....but that's the only way to keep them safe.  A chicken tractor awaits.  I just don't now what I'm going to do with the current tenants.

  Isn't nature amazing?



What's the Deal With the Eggs?

I just don't get it!

  With all the money and regulations and this and that, big business still can't produce a simple edible egg.  You know, that thing that we small farmers take for granted.

   I find it absolutely hysterical, that after drowning us small producers in regulations, permits, procedures....etc, that I can still walk out into my barnyard, pick up an egg, walk into my house, fry it up, and eat it for breakfast/lunch/dinner, without worrying about salmonella.  "Big Money" can't do that.  Even with all their advantages.  Hey FDA, what's up with that?

  Yes, my birds run around and eat what they like.  No, my hen house isn't always the cleanest.  Yes, I run ducks and chickens and geese...all together.  (Doesn't bother them, so why should it bother anyone else?)  I probably do a lot of things not exactly correct by the book standards, but I've got a certified healthy flock, that produce a healthy product.  I don't see why this has become such a problem for some organizations...LOL

  I guess that I shouldn't be so "snarky" about this, but I've listened to the tripe for years about eggs.  Looks like the biggest danger in eating eggs, is buying them from the grocery store. 

  So, hug your local farmer, and be thankful that a few of us still know how to raise a flock and produce good eggs!


The Silence of the Ducks.....

Where did she go? 

   She was just right there.  I know, I almost stepped on her.  Darn ducks, always following me around, making all that noise.....and doing bad things on the car port.  Who says they don't fly....Tell that to the duck on my roof :)   But again, my jabbering little darlings seem to be missing. 

  I realize, that the days are getting shorter, and the drakes are getting more agressive.  I know what that means.  Soon, all my loud mouthed beauties will be looking for a place to raise their new batch of younguns.  The sound of the quacking and hissing in the night as they snap up the bugs, will be gone.  The nagging and badgering that I get, when I'm home late and it's past their feeding time, will pretty much cease.  There will be nothing left to hear, but the feathery voices of the drakes....letting me know that everything is O.K.

  In a few weeks, there will be a tide of fuzzy, multi-colored, flappy footed cuties, running around the back yard.  My girls ain't stupid.  They hatch their babies in the most guarded place on the farm...Right under my deck, with a very confused pearl guinea standing guard beside them, and a fierce, one eyed Westie laying on the porch over top of them. 

  So, here's a toast to fall, and the delights that come with it.  Shorter, cooler days,  quieter nights, and lots of fuzzy little ducklings, with which to play!  Isn't nature a wonderful thing!

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