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Fall Arrives on the Farm

Well, it's here!

  I swear, I live for this kinda weather.  Cool, crisp mornings with a light mist floating above the pond.  The summer sounds of the "peeper" frogs are gone........just a lazy quietness.  Occasionally, I'll hear the low ball of one of the calves, or the quack of a restless duck...but mostly, it's like the farm is taking a deep breath and winding down for a long winter's rest.

  The leaves are starting to turn, and the nuts are falling from the trees.  The apples are all picked and the garden is tilled up.  I've noticed quite a few "free-range" lettuce, cucumber and dill plants coming up where I had let it go to seed.  But, that's alright, fresh lettuce is always welcome.

  I'm busy in the kitchen now, putting up the last of the harvested fruit and veggies.  I've a few late hatched birds to integrate into the flock...but mostly, I'm winding down also.  Soon the time will change, and the daylight will be gone.  I'll go to ground, just like the critters.  I'll spend my evenings with the remote control and a cup of tea....yeah, right!:)...Fat chance of that...LOL

  Time to break out the flannels and the mud boots.  The persimmons are predicting a snowy winter...again.  Ask your old folks to explain that one :)  Need to lay down gravel on the drive before it sets in.  I'm already in trouble for slipping the dually off the drive in the rain.  Makes ugly ruts.  Time to muck out the barn and the hen house and lay down new bedding before the cold sets in for good.  It's winter prep time.

  Lots of work ahead...But, I always do one thing first.....

Take a minute, about dark.....Walk outside.  Take a deep breath.  Stand perfectly still.  Listen.  Tilt your head back, and look up at the sky.  Take in all of the smells, sounds and sights.  Look at the stars.  Remember how blessed you are to be able to do that, and how wonderful these things can be.....on the farm!




The Silence of the Ducks.....

Where did she go? 

   She was just right there.  I know, I almost stepped on her.  Darn ducks, always following me around, making all that noise.....and doing bad things on the car port.  Who says they don't fly....Tell that to the duck on my roof :)   But again, my jabbering little darlings seem to be missing. 

  I realize, that the days are getting shorter, and the drakes are getting more agressive.  I know what that means.  Soon, all my loud mouthed beauties will be looking for a place to raise their new batch of younguns.  The sound of the quacking and hissing in the night as they snap up the bugs, will be gone.  The nagging and badgering that I get, when I'm home late and it's past their feeding time, will pretty much cease.  There will be nothing left to hear, but the feathery voices of the drakes....letting me know that everything is O.K.

  In a few weeks, there will be a tide of fuzzy, multi-colored, flappy footed cuties, running around the back yard.  My girls ain't stupid.  They hatch their babies in the most guarded place on the farm...Right under my deck, with a very confused pearl guinea standing guard beside them, and a fierce, one eyed Westie laying on the porch over top of them. 

  So, here's a toast to fall, and the delights that come with it.  Shorter, cooler days,  quieter nights, and lots of fuzzy little ducklings, with which to play!  Isn't nature a wonderful thing!

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