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Better Late than Never!

Got your plants out a little late?  So What.... No biggee!

  With the weather being so eratic this year, unless you have a hoop house, you most likely got your planting done late.  That's alright.  As long as your starts are not heat sensitive, and you have three months or so before the first frost in your area, you'll be fine.

  My farm is in the mid west.  As a rule of thumb, I plant my garden on Mother's Day.  I used to think that was late, and did try on several occasions to plant earlier, but this always proved to be a mistake.  Either the ground wasn't warm enough, or the spring rains rotted my plants.....for some reason or garden would fail.  Didn't take to long for me to start searching for explanations.   I should have known that "It's not nice to (try to) fool Mother Nature". 

  This year, the garden went in late.  With the storms and tornados, the ground has been to wet to work.  Most of my early starts died on me, and I had to start them again...but the garden finally in.  Although not growing at the speed of sound, at least it's growing.  Need more sun then we've been getting.  But the weather forcasts are promising.  I'm so optimistic, I planted more seeds today.

  So, don't be skeered to plant late.  Just keep in mind the projected date of your first frost.  That will tell you if it's to late to plant or not.  A couple of weeks will not hurt, as a matter of fact, it may prove to be a blessing.  I always seem to have "stuff" at the market long after other vendors have harvested.  Looks like that'll be the case again this year!


Blackberry "Casualty"

Now, that's what it's all about!!

  Got my first, fresh, wild blackberry today.  Tasted sweet!  It'll be an early harvest this year, about two weeks ahead of schedule.  That'll make a lot of people happy.  You hear that...Larry Everett!!

  Larry called me yesterday, from Ohio, wanting old fashioned blackberry the quart.  I didn't think anyone ate em that way anymore.  Complete with seeds.  When I was a young girl, my Gramma used to put whole blackberries up in sugar water, uncooked, to be used in Blackberry Dumplings.  You Ole Timers will know what blackberry Dumplings were...but I usually have to describe them to most people.  Makes my mouth water, just thinking about it. 

  Guess I better pick a bunch this year.  Last year was painful......

  I'm going to try to pick this year, without the usual blood letting and poison ivy....My favorite patch is not barricaded by hay rolls, as was the case last year.  I won't have to wade through the muddy out-skirts of the cow pond, or the thick foliage that encased the back-side of the patch.  I know it was full of poison ivy. I WILL wear long pants, shoes, and bug a sane person would do.  I will keep my eyes on the prize.  I will NOT be a blackberry "casualty" this year!  :)

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