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Be Sure of Your Sources

Ok, I just have to say it.....Not everyone who thinks that they are an an expert.

I read these blogs....a lot.  There is a great deal of valuable information here.  There are people who have been farming for generations, doing things that have become second nature to them.  Tryed and true.  People who have forgotten more information about certain topics, then the novice will ever know.  True experts in their fields.  It's amazing how much knowledge and experience is available via the internet.

But, be cautious.  There are others who have been around a year or two, gotten a little dirty, and now think that they are experts.  They may know a thing or two, but there is no substitute for experience.  And experience takes time. 

Always check your sources before you take any advice as gospel truth, because, there is a bit of bad information also.  Ask questions, ask for examples and verification.  Ask how long they've been "doing it" and what their experiences have been.  Farming is hard.  Raising livestock is hard.  Mistakes are costly. It's a learning experience.  Do the home work and research.


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