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What was I thinking!!?

What was I thinking!!

So, it looked like Spring was on the way.  I loaded up the incubators, and planted the seeds.  What happened?  Who turned off the heat?

It's 32 degrees with a light spattering of snow.  I've got 40 or so chicks under a heat lamp on my dining room floor, and six flats of various seedlings on my dining room table.  Not to mention the 100 or so eggs still to hatch.  HMMMMMMM

Somehow, this is not working out as planned. 



From Down on the Farm......

Just an up-date for all of my loyal customers.....

  I know that you guys have been wondering what's up.  All my goodies are out of stock, and I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth....Well, fear not.....I'll be back.

  I'm just taking a few weeks to prepare for the Spring rush.  It's been a harsh winter so far, and my flock needs tending to, as does the farm.  I'm putting the cooking on the back burner for a few weeks, to allow myself the opportunity to make repairs, tend to the critters, clean out the barns, and all the other things that I've been putting off.  Heck, I just fixed the toilet in the spare bathroom.....I AM WOMAN!! HEAR ME ROAR!!! :)

  I'll open the store back up the first of March.  Should there be something that you just HAVE TO HAVE, just e-mail me at the farm.  I won't mind, and I'm sure that I can fix you up. 

  I want to thank you all for your patience.  Being a one man (woman) show, can be hard some times....especially when things start to go wrong.  Sometimes, I'm not the most "handy" person.   But with a little time, and the grace of God, I should be able to get things back in order soon enough.

  See ya in a few weeks!!

Angela Stanley


Flappy Feet

Flappy Feet, Flappy Feet, We've got Happy Flappy Feet.....

  OK, so I won't give up my day job.  But, it's catchy, don't you think?  It's Spring on the farm, and hatching is in full swing.  I've got flappy footed ducklings everywhere.  I swear, God made them so adorable to offset the fact that they are so messy :)

  I'm pretty much letting nature take it's course with the ducks....But for those of you who have an interest in The Fancy, I've got blue, black and splash, standard and bantam Orpington eggs in the bator.  I've got a baker's dozen standard Orp chicks on the ground, and I've a sizeable hatch expected in five days.  These are not yard birds, but from the best show quality lines in the US...mine included.

  Sadly, I won't be offering Orp chicks this year, but I will be offering a limited quantity of my version of a California White.  Awesome layers.  That comes from the fact that they are a Leghorn Hybrid.  Contact me at the farm if you have any questions.

  The Farmer's markets are firing up, and I'm getting orders everywhere for stuff that isn't even in the ground yet.  Frost expected tonight, so I'm still holding off planting.  Lost a lot of my fruit bearing bushes and trees this winter, including two of my five grape will take a while to recover, so be patient.

  Remember, if you have a taste for something specific, and it's not showing up in my store....e-mail me.  I'm somewhat forgetful at times, but I always remember to check the puter.  Besides, I'll cook to order......just about anything....but ducks ! :)


I mean REALLY, who needs a greenhouse?

  OK, so I get all the info on sustainable farming, grants available, the latest technology available for planting, greenhouse diagrams.....blah, blah, blah.  And with Spring just around the corner, I really should be paying more attention, and trying to keep an open mind.  Yet,  I just can't keep myself from falling back on "Old Tried and True"

  I just can't seem to make myself spend the money on a greenhouse.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I broke out the egg cartons, potting soil, some seeds, and the utility lamp, and went to work.  In a couple of hours, I had transformed my dining room into a greenhouse.  Now, I have a wealth of herbs that need to be transplanted into larger containers.  Isn't Nature a wonderful thing?

  Well, I know that I'm most likely going to out grow the dining room, and overflow into the spare bedroom....but that's alright.  Look at all the money that I'm saving!  Three nights ago, I started the tomatoes and peppers.  Last night, I fired up an incubator full of chicken and duck eggs.  All without having to leave the warmth of my home and risk life and limb in this unnaturally cold weather....trying to get to a greenhouse.

  Re-invent the wheel, I don't think so....Lazy, maybe.....cost effective, DEFINATELY!!

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