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A lovely way to spend New Year's Day

We had a wonderful morning! We decided to jump in the truck and drive up the hill to pick up some goodies from friends. We talked pigs, sheep, and veggies. What else would farmers do on a holiday right? I really love their greenhouse but will leave the gardening to Oscar! I'm sticking to four leggeds! One of the things we discussed that I think bears mentioning is the raising of Heritage Breeds vs. more common ones. I have both. Heritage Breeds to make me feel that I am making a contribution to preserving the past, and more modern ones because the yield is more predictable. One thing I don't agree with is charging grossly inflated prices for Heritage animals. You are supposed to be breeding these animals to preserve them and the only way to preserve them is for folks to eat them! It does not cost a penny more to raise a Belted Galloway than it does an Angus cross. The cost is in the time, effort, and dedication it takes to get any grass fed or pastured animal to market weight and finish. Grass based animals take longer to finish on pasture period, and you have to really know what you are doing. Anyone can pull a cow off pasture and call it grass fed, that doesn't mean it will taste good. Heritage or Modern, it is how an animal is raised, finished, harvested, and believe it or not, processed that determines the quality of the finished product. I like Heritage breeds for their appeal to a bygone age. I also believe that if I put an 2 steaks in front of you 1 modern grass fed beef and 1 Heritage raised exactly the same way, most people couldn't taste the difference. Now if I put a properly raised, finished and aged steak next to one that wasn't you could tell the difference immediately. Same goes for any livestock. Do things right, do things well, and you will be rewarded for your efforts, bank on a name and you'll go broke! Meg
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