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Branding day

Branding day went pretty well. We castrated 40 bull calves, branded all 82, took blood samples for testing, vaccinated, etc. I thought it was going to be crazy with all the extra people around but Chris kept everyone where they needed to be and there were no problems. In fact when the turn table broke one of the spectators happened to be a welder and fixed it on the spot. After the work was done and all the demonstrations over, the fellas had kids out in the pens roping hay bales and flinging dried cow chips while the rest of us finished cooking supper. We spit roasted a side of beef, cooked 200 ears of corn, 30 gallons of cowboy beans, baking powder biscuits, 2 wash tubs of salad, and 20 dutch oven Cobblers. The most fun for me was watching people try the fresh bull fries! We cleaned them, soaked them in buttermilk for a bit, gave em a dose of Chuck Wagon seasoning and flour then grilled em up. Good Stuff! We do this every year but this time it was really great to have our customers and folks from the community come out to watch. 200 people came away from the afternoon with a new appreciation fo how hard we work, what it takes to keep an operation like this going and the animals healthy. I'm shamelessly stealing a quote from one of our visitors and adding it to our advertizing.(With his pemission of course) "Grass feeding livestock isn't a production system. It's a RELIGION!" I think he summed it up pretty well! Here's the formula for BJ's Chuckwagon Seasoning. 1 cup grey salt 1/4 c Peppercorns 1/4 c dried garlic (not the granulated stuff) 1/4 c dried onion 1/4 c parika Mix in a food processor just until the peppercorns break up. store in an airtight container. This mix is the base for most of the sauces and rubs we use. you can build on it for hundreds of variations. Enjoy!
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