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Getting things ready

Today when I got in the fellas were hard at work on the pantry. Upgrades to the electrical are under way, flooring, wallboard, a new sink and counter are ready to go in starting tomorrow. I put up a creep for the lambs because even though they are on grass hay right now they need to eat all they want to and the ewes get pushy. Grace's pups went out with her to work sheep again today and Mouse took the lead as usual. That little dog is hysterical to watch! She thinks she's a big dog and gets flat angry when the sheep ignore her. Cricket(the next up in size) is a smooth coated black tri and is starting to look at her sheep. I know that its too soon to tell but it sure is fun to watch these little guys "tune in" most of them will be off to their new homes in a few weeks so I'm having fun with them while they are here. They aren't even 2 months old yet and their personalities are really starting to come through. I love having pups around and love even more seeing them a year or so later doing their jobs and being loved. Grace won't be bred again for another year and with Lil having eclampsia she will get spayed in a couple of months. Her pups are so different from Grace's go getters, just calm, gentle, easy going kids. Iris is the most inquisitive. She walks right up to the fence and says hi to anyone that comes down to see the pups. The rest hang back until the gate is opened. They are great dogs too. Just ask the people that have them from her first litter. Ah well, time to put them up and go feed horses. Come by and see them they definitely will make you smile. Meg 951-259-2072
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