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GMO Alfalfa approved.

Last week GMO Alfalfa was approved for planting this spring. This my friends could spell the end of organic production as we know it. Why? Because Alfalfa is pollinated by bees, and the pollen can be transferred for miles, contaminating every crop it comes in contact with. Alfalfa is THE main livestock feed source for beef and dairy cattle and if GM Alfalfa isn't blocked there could be no such thing as organic meat or dairy products in the very near future. As a grass based producer I didn't worry too much about GMO's because we don't feed the things that are modified. We do plant our finishing pastures with alfalfa. The thought of over 100 years of selective breeding potentially becoming worthless gives me the cold shivers! Every one of us needs to write the USDA and tell them to pull the plug on GMO alfalfa, the potential dangers to the food supply far outweigh any benefits. There has been no research done to study the effect that GM alfalfa will have on livestock, nor have there been any studies to determine what dangers GM alfalfa poses to native systems. This one, in my opinion IS the ticking time bomb that we DO have reason to fear. Meg
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I agree. There are no benefits to GMO alfalfa (or anything GMO). And soon enough if your not growing the GMO alfalfa, the (GMO patented) seed company will sue you because it's growing on your pastures anyway (from pollination)!

I'm glad I read your comment, it has inspired me to share my opinion with the USDA and any other agency I can think of!

Carry on-Thanks for sharing

Posted by Chris on February 02, 2011 at 02:01 PM PST #

This is dangerous. I don't know what other word you could use to describe it. It's simply dangerous. The implications of, as Chris said, GMO patented seeds being carried via pollination and the precedent set as far as seed patents go, are scary. Not much scares me out there, but this is incomprehensible. This is messing with the ecosystem (as well as the economy) on a tremendous scale and while I am admittedly ignorant about the technical aspects of farming and genetic modification, as a human being living on planet earth, it makes me pretty uneasy. Thanks for posting this.

Posted by william hartman on February 17, 2011 at 04:54 AM PST #

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