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I have always encouraged new producers. In fact I spent years teaching people how to raise livestock, I still do it today. I feel it is important for one to get educated before starting on any new venture. I see too many people trying to raise livestock without knowing the how's and why's. If the feed store says it's cow hay that means it's not fit for horses and is usually moldy, dirty, weedy, or otherwise inferior. The deal you get on broken bags of grain may be ok. but expired feed isn't. The feed that goes in directly affects the steaks or chops you are going to put on your table. Husbandry issues are vitally important, how to give injections, trim feet, castrate etc. directly impacts the quality of the end product. Genetics are important as well. I'm all for cross breeding to get a superior animal. The key is to cross the best with the best to get even better animals. If you choose to stay with purebreds, learn how to breed for genetic superiority within that breed. Choose carefully, manage well, and don't cut corners. We are getting ready to start this seasons series of seminars and we want the producer and consumer alike to come away with new information about how to raise, recognize, and purchase superior meats for their table. We are working with the California Pork Council to get the PQA and TQA courses held here so producers will have certification in hand when the requirements go into effect. Members of the Cattlmens Assn. and the American Lamb Board will address species specific issues. Packers, graders, and butchers will teach people what questions to ask, why grading is important, and how to tell the good stuff from the not so good. If there is an area you want to learn more about, tell us. We want the greenhorn to thrive and the consumer to be safely fed. Meg
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