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Ever been body checked by an Akbash? My female did just that! I was feeding her and getting her whelping box ready when she slammed into me and made a bee line for the back seat of the truck! She had decided that the warm back seat of "her truck" was the place she was having her pups and that was that! It was rather comical. 80lb of white dog grinning out the window as I cleaned the mud off my pants! I let her hang out figuring she had a few more days to go. Wrong! As we pulled in to Big jims for our morning infusion of coffee and killer omelets I heard a strange squeaking from the back seat. The puppies were coming! Luckily she had a horse blanket back there for just such an emergency. I checked to see that she wasn't having trouble and we went to breakfast. She had 2 more while we were inside and Jim sent her out biscuits and gravy to give her "energy". His wife just shook her head and laughed. She's used to us rolling in with bottle babies, the working dogs, Lil, or lord knows what in the pickup. When she saw the rainbow of pups she asked what kind they are. With a perfectly straight face I told her, "These are the last of the very rare Akahoula dogs. There are only 6 others on the planet!" She looked at me and then started laughing her head off. "Kinda like grass fed pigs right?" I just laughed and said "yup". Seriously though, this cross has turned out to be better than average as a stock guard. 3 of the older pups live on working ranches and do their jobs really well! The other 3 are companion dogs an their owners adore them. I have reserves on 6 from this litter so there are 3 still available. They are steady, loyal dogs that are quite content to live with a flock of sheep or on the couch. Come see them! They would make a great addition to any home with room for a bigger dog. Lil is taking great care of them although she needed some convincing that the barn was a better home than my truck! Meg
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