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How our Local Farmers Market Works

We participate regularly in a couple of local area Farmers Markets and here is what our market managers require for us to be included. Proof that we raise what we sell. Proof of inspection. Proof of processor, proof of licensed cold storage facility. Business paperwork that shows our affiliate farmers and their permits and licensing. Our Market Manager visits every farm that participates in the market and knows first hand what they grow or raise. We had an issue with our Veterans exemption (actually 10 vendors did not just us) our county changed their interpretation of the rule and we had to wait until the market could expand their health permit. Frustrating for us but rules are rules. I get so angry when people try to give all Farmers Markets a bad name because a few officials didn't do their jobs right. Our local markets are inspected regularly by at least 3 different agencies and as long as a vendors paperwork is correct and their permits are in order there are no problems. We, as Grass Fed and Pastured Meat Purveyors must have the following. Harvest, Packing, and Cold storage receipts, proper labeling, certified scales, approved storage and transport coolers, approved sales displays, food handler or manager certification, inspected fire extinguishers, and the list goes on. Every Produce Seller must be a Certified Grower and have that Certification Posted in their booth. I don't sell veggies so I don't know everything that they have to do. Are their unscrupulous vendors out there? I'm sure that there are a few, but the vast majority of the people that sell food at farmers markets are honest farmers and ranchers just trying to make a living. Ask questions at the booths you visit, most people want to talk to you about what they raise and grow. If the answers you get don't seem right to you, vote with your wallet and purchase from someone else. Talk to the Market Manager or your county certifying agency if you think there is fraud taking place. Its not rocket science, and I believe whole heartedly that most consumers are savvy enough to spot something that isn't right. Keep Shopping Farmers Markets! It is the best source for locally grown clean food. Meg
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