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Integrated Pest Management

Several of you have asked me what integrated pest management is. Basically it is the use of natural predators to manage pests. Our biggest problems are flies and Mosquitos. We use Fly Predators, Praying Mantis, Dung Beetles, and ladybugs to keep the flies down, mosqito fish and Koi in the large water tanks, and we compost our manures.(you can come get some if you want it!) This spring the Desert Willow next to the nursery pens was ALIVE with Ladybugs. We also use chipped Eucalyptus on our paths and drive areas. We get the chips from the tree trimmers that clear the power lines. Double benefit there, they don't have to pay to dump the chips and we get a nice layer of chips that smell good plus it keeps the dust down! In the summer we set out pots of Marigolds around the common areas being VERY CAREFUL that the livestock do not have access to them. We also keep our pens super clean. We have farm cats to keep the mice at bay and they do a great job! It takes some extra work and thought to manage pests without chemicals but it can be done. Meg
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