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It's The Grind

Sorry for my tardiness in posting its been a busy week. We had 3 steers butchered last week and one of them only graded Select. So, as per our protocols we Ground him. This time we decided to have some fun and have each primal ground seperately. Chuck, Round, Sirloin etc. Then we cooked up burgers from each primal and taste tested. Here's what we found. Sirloin was the favorite with Chuck being a bit too fatty and Round too dry. So we mixed equal parts of each primal and tried those. Sirloin still reigned supreme with the whole steer a close second. The consensus: As long as the meat comes from one animal and not a blend of several its great. And if he ain't Choice or better, stick with the plan and GRIND HIM. We are going to be giving you all an inside look at what we do here and how we do it. A friend has a theory about Transparency and we are going to share a modified version with you. We are calling it " The Stein Principle" and even though its a bit more work we think the education and peace of mind this practice will give our customers is worth the effort. So check back in a couple of days for the first installment. Meg
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