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Lamb races!

There is almost nothing more comical than watching the twice daily lamb races! When the ewes settle in to graze in the morning and again when they come in at dusk the lambs start playing. They race around the flock and then one will get brave! It says to the other lambs "let's play king of the hill!" And off they go! Racing to the top of the big dirt pile! They bounce around and jump over each other until one notices that mom is out of sight! Yikes! The race is on again! Back to the flock as fast as they can go! This gets repeated 5 or 6 times and then everyone gets a drink and flakes out for a nap! The play is really good for the lambs. It builds muscle, lung capacity,and stamina. All grass. based livestock needs plenty of space to move around and do what comes naturally. They need to eat a species appropriate living diet. Hay isn't enough. The animals won't gain weight nearly as well and hay is lacking in vital nutrients needed for growth and muscle development. Penned animals are also prone to parasite infestations and respiratory ailments. That's why even the farm flock goes out on pasture everyday. We irrigate for them and make sure that at least 75 percent of their feed intake is live grasses. Come by and visit the lambs they are sure to make you smile. Meg
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