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Eliza asked me to clarify for you how membership works. Consumer Members have access to ALL consumables produced by ALL Co-op producing members. This means if we are short on beef for example, Jeremy or Gil will likely have grass fed steers ready to go. If Stacy's chickens are in molt, Kimmy's will still be producing eggs etc. Sustaining Members Support 1 farm. They choose who they want to work with and stick with them exclusively and get a say in what's raised. Sustainers can join as consumers as well reaping double benefit. By working together we,as Producers are allowed to do our jobs without the hassle of filling orders & making deliveries. We leave that to Doris & the girls at the Co-op office. Its a win win. As you know I am timeline deficient and it has cost me dearly. Now I don't have to worry about it and everything gets out on time. I should have done this years ago! I'm much better suited to working sheep& cattle than I am to working a computer that's for sure! Give me a horse and a good dog over a desk any day! Orders are now shipped or picked up at the farm, I don't have to fly up the highway because I left part of an order in the locker, I can focus on production & education knowing that the girls have everything under control. Thanks Gang! you have no idea what a blessing you are! Meg
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