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More Lambs!

4 more lambs in the last 2 days! We have been selectively breeding for conformation and yield on a total grass diet for several years and are getting some great lambs! Here at the home place I'm getting an interesting color variant that seems to be breeding true. It will take three more generations to be sure and then we can establish a new breed. In addition to these lambs reaching market weight at about 7 months with no grain they are averaging a 4.5 to 5 in. loin eye and a hanging weight of 55lb avg. Not bad at all! The fun thing is the F3 crosses are white faced with black ear tips, black around the eyes, and black lips. They look like they are wearing makeup. I will try to figure out how to upload pictures. Until then you'll just have to come see them. All of the puppies are doing great. Lil's litter got moved outside today. They are a week younger than Gracie's pups and twice as big! They are the Akbash cross pups. Much quieter and more laid back than the Cowboy Curs! My favorite one from this litter is iris, She is white like her mom with blue points and a black spot right in the middle of her back. She and Mouse will get to meet each other in a couple of days and it ill be interesting to see just how different the temperaments are. See you soon. Meg
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