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New Calves

We had 2 calves born overnite both to first time heifers. I like to have the first timers in close just in case there are any problems. Both girls did fine and the calves were up and nursing really quickly. I can only recall having to help on one or two occasions but better safe than sorry. We breed for ease of calving and good mothering in addition to grass conversion and I am ruthless when it comes to culling inferior animals or those with genetic markers for trouble. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there that think any beef cow can produce superior grass finished beef. "Corn cows" will never finish out properly on grass. They don't have the genetics. What you end up with in that case is beef with no finish that won't grade. "Grass Cattle" will finish well in either production system. I'm proud of the fact that my beef grades Choice or better with a yield of 1-2. That's how grass finished beef should finish. Add in dry aging and artisanal butchering techniques and you have a product that is what people should expect from properly raised sustainable grass fed beef. I will be posting new pictures on the website in a week or so and you'll be able to see the new calves. Meg
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Meg - Congrats on the new calves! Your thoughts on grass-fed beef are spot on!


Posted by David on February 05, 2011 at 12:12 PM PST #

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