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Tagging and banding lambs

Today after morning chores were done it was time to tag and band the lambs. They get a Scrapie tag in one ear and a Farm Tag in the other. Our flocks are certified scrapie free so keeping accurate records is important. The scrapie tag has the US I.D # on it as well as the unique number assigned to each animal for traceability. The Farm Tags are pink or blue this year and numbered so we know when each lamb was born and who its mother is. We use Premier mini tags since they seem to work the best for us. Then we band tails. In our area fly strike can be a big problem so the long tailed lambs get banded and their tails fall off in about a week. The sheep with a higher percentage of Dorper. Influence have shorter tails that don't collect debris so we leave their tails alone. All the ram lambs get castrated as well. They just seem to grow better when whethered. We try to do this when the lambs are between 3 and 7 days old. It's less stressful on them to do it now rather than when they are older. They will staying the jugs for another day or two and then go back out with the flock. So far there have been no fatalities and everyone is healthy. Tomorrow I get the pleasure of helping Sammy castrate pigs and remove needle teeth. Not fun but necessary. Breeding season for the horses is just around the corner so Sir gets all his tests taken tomorrow as well. He's a heck of a nice young horse and after he finishes breeding the mares he has booked here he's going to Idaho to stand at stud for a couple of years as well as get some show miles on him. My filly "Pants" is going north with him to get some miles on her as well, she is a half sister to the colt that was murdered. That will just leave 5 head here until fall. Red is going to need some tuning up as it will be just him and Banker to do the cattle work this year. Well its time to feed the dogs and call this day a night. Remember farm pick up for members are Friday and Saturday. Call ahead so we know you're coming. Meg 951-805-7341
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