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The end of an amazing day

Today started out pretty normal, feeding, watering, moving livestock around, checking puppies, etc. Two of our sustainers are visiting and have been building our new website while they are here. Bless them! We looked into getting the ATV fixed so it would be easier to feed and get the sheep out to graze in the mornings, Robbie from JRS Motorsports came to give us an estimate and its going to take about $400 to get the Polaris back in shape. Ouch! Robbie told us he had a Honda in good shape but it was out of my price range right now. Our friends stepped in an got it for us! They said they would take it out in meat. Wonderful! Thank you so much! We can get the work done more efficiently and use much less gas then Betsy requires! The commitment that our members have to "Their Farm" never ceases to amaze me! All but 2 of Gracie's pups are spoken for now with Molly going to a friend up the hill. She hid 5 from me when I wrote about them. 11 pups instead of 6! Their eyes are all opening now and their personalities are developing. They are going to be great working dogs. The boys are cooking a ham in the pit tonite and hanging out around the fire. I'm going to take Lil in to her 8 pups now and call it a nite. It's a nice quiet end to an amazing day! Come see us soon 951-259-2072 Meg
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