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Here is one of the ways we are transparent in our practices. We can trace our cattle and lambs from conception to consumption. Each animal is given a number shortly after birth, an ear tag with that number is placed in the animals ear. That number corresponds to the number that the mother has in her ear or the number branded on her flank. (butcher cattle are not branded until the fall of their birth year.) This number stays with the animal its entire life. As the young animals grow they are periodically weighed to determine rate of gain. We visually inspect our animals daily and if something is amiss we tend to it. Any animal that requires antibiotic treatment is given another tag so we know to keep it out of our production channels. We keep detailed logs on feed usage, pasturage, etc. I'm getting more computer literate and it still amazes me that with a click I can see how many cows Marcel bred, how many calves were born, and every detail of that animals life. So when someone comes in to buy beef I can show them where it came from, who its parents are, when it was moved, and how many times it was handled. I can even show them how much grass it ate! Most people don't want that much information, but for those that do I have it. We can also show the date and time a given animal went to the Abbatoir, lairage time, hang time, yield grade, and quality grade. We grade our animals to ensure consistant quality and sell no cuts that are not Choice or better. Select animals are ground and become hamburger or sausage. The system for our lambs is similar but we'll save that for another day. Meg
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