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What a blessing!

We have been truly blessed. My friend Lou Files brought a couple to my place in need of a place to park their motorhome for a few days. They have jumped in with both feet to help take some of the workload off of the rest of us. My hay is in the barn the day it gets here, all the little "fix its" are being tended to, and all my dogs got a bath! With 4 working BC's an Akbash an Aussie and assorted Farm Mutts that was a chore! I've asked them to stay the winter and they have agreed. ( I hope they decide this needs to be there base of operations for their Mission Work) So the next time you visit say Hello to William and Candy, they were brought to us when we need them the most and are fast becoming indespensable members of our Home Farm Family! A big bonus is Will is as big a Dutch Oven junkie as I am so we'll be testing lots of new recipes before the competition season starts next year! We'll pass along some of our favorites. I'll be moving cows next week and will keep you all posted as to how that goes. Take care and Happy Holidays!
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