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Rain is coming

With rain coming this week and new babies EVERYWHERE the next couple of days are going to get a bit hectic. All the puppies have to get moved into the barn, huts put out for the lambs in the pasture, jugs secured for any lambs that come during the rains. The cattle will be fine as they have plenty of trees and high ground. Runoff is our biggest problem here and if the storm is close to what they are predicting we'll have rivers! So trenches are being dug to send the water out on the field instead of into the barnyard. Temporary fence is coming back out of the shop and Railroad Ties are going back across the drive to act as riffle dams and prevent erosion. The garden has to be covered and the hoops staked in. I'm tired just thinking about it! But that's farm life and I love it! Meg

What to do with 10 puppies and the Mouse that Roared

Gracie's pups are 4 weeks old today so I set up a portable pen and took them out to meet the sheep. Their pen keeps them safe from the sheep but let's them see them and the big dogs working All of the pups were curious but after a few minutes thought that their lunch pan was more interesting. Except for Mouse. She is the runt of the litter and about half the size of her brothers and sisters. She stood at the fence watching sheep! One of the ewes came up to give her a sniff and that little Mouse started trying to move her! She stared at that ewe and then started moving side to side like she was hunting for her sweet spot! I know its too early for them to be showing real instinct but I swear Mouse was trying to work! I had to laugh at a tiny pup trying to make that big old ewe notice her! It was hysterical! You could almost see the ewe saying, "you aren't as big as my lamb who do think you are?" If Mouse is any indication of the potential these dogs have I know some Cowboys that are going to be VERY happy. Travis, thanks for talking me in to breeding Grace this way. I thought you were nuts! Glad I was wrong! Come visit and see the pups, and make sure you say hi to Mouse, she's the one with her nose at the fence watching her sheep! Meg 951-259-2072

My story of a Hill Shepherd

This is a short story about my friend Seamus, who taught me more than I will ever fully realize. I was working Tweed one morning several years ago and was really getting frustrated with him because he wouldn't come in and hold a single. An old truck had pulled off to the side of the road to watch my repeated failed attempts and I didn't give it much though until the old man stepped out and with a strong Scottish Burr said, "Girl you're gonna sour that dog and its YOU that's wrong, Not Him!" He walked across to where I was, patted Tweed on the head and with the quietest voice said, "Come Son, let's show her how to help you." He got Tweed back on his sheep and had him holding for a perfect stranger in just a matter of moments. I was shocked! Tweed would never work for anyone else until that moment. Then the lecturing began! Do this stand there, be quiet woman! He taught me to trust my dog, to think of him as a partner rather than just a pet, and how to get the most out of us as a team. I learned to "feel" my stock rather than work them. My Tweed is an old dog now but can still work the farm flock and Seamus said of our Grace. "Don't let anyone but Anna start that dog! She's too good to foul up! He went home a few years ago for a visit and at 95 decided to stay and work the hills of his youth. I talked to him almost every day until today. When his daughter called to tell me "Whisp came in without Da." She and her husband went up the hill and found him, at 97 sitting by his dogs tending his flock with his pipe still warm in his hand. That's the way he would have wanted it. He's helping the Lord tend the flocks now, with quiet grace and firm yet gentle understanding. 3 young dogs will be coming here in a few months, Whisp and Lass will stay to work the hills. I will take good care of them my friend and trial them as you would have wanted with honor, dignity and respect. You too will. Be able to learn from Seamus, Many of our sessions are recorded as well as several hours of rememberings of a Scottish Hill Shepherd. Meg

Sustaining Member Visit

Two of our Sustaining Members are here for a few days and it has been great fun having them! Despite mud and cold they've been able to spend time getting to know all of the farm critters and today we are going out to the grazing grounds to take pictures of the cattle for the new website. They spent yesterday watching the old dog work sheep, the young dog try to help, Wallace get in everyone's way, and the chickens argue over who gets the biggest grubs! They met. DJ, Oscar, and Jason, hopefully got a taste of a day on the farm, and then we went to Big jims for supper. I'm going to sponsor Jim's Bar-B-Q team this season to get people more familiar with Grass Fed and Pastured meats. That Man Can Cook! Bill E Goat is getting his feet trimmed this morning and is none too happy about it! We put the sheep and goats through a sorting race and each one goes into the squeeze for their wellness check. Its vaccination time and time to get all the testing done for various agencies. Oscar is getting the garden plots and raised beds all prepped for veggies, and inspection time is just around the corner. The work never ends but its great to know that I am making a difference in my own way. I LOVE Farm life and even with the challenges, wouldn't change a thing! Meg

Christmas Puppies!

Gracie aka The Velociraptor had 6 pups yesterday. 4 females 2males. They should make amazing stock dogs! Faith and Hope already have homes as do Blitz and Nick. Angel and Feliz are still available. This is an intentional cross to produce a Superior Cow dog. Our Grace is a working fool. Strong presence on her stock and Fearless! She moves sheep smoothly with style and can hold a line for days! She is the baby sister of my good dog Tweed and has 10 times his power. Wallace is well started on Cattle with classic Catahoula courage and try. These Cowboy curs are becoming very popular stock dogs, they are better suited to Cattle work than sheep and have no quit. Come see the babies in a few weeks! Watch for Grace's son Soot at the Red Bluff Cowdog Sale. See you soon! Don't forget to call first or email for an appointment Happy Holidays Meg
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