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Jason Lost Emma!

Last nite Jason came running up to tell me a lamb was missing, I asked if he had counted noses and was assured that he had. So off we went on a lamb hunt. Out to the pasture, through the barn, in the sheds. No lamb. Hmmmm. Then I notice Emma wasn't with the flock. I knew just where to look! Sure enough she was in the tack room! She was snuggled up with her lamb in the horse blankets! Emma came off a show string and has a definite sense of entitlement. I ran them both over to the barn and put them back in the jugs for a couple of more days. All of the puppies are doing great! Lil gave us a scare though, eclampsia, so it was a nite of IV's and worry. Today she is much better but I'm having to feed her pups 4 times a day. They took right to eating food so that's good! Gracie's pups are going out to the pasture to "watch" sheep every couple of days and Mouse keeps everyone entertained. That's one gritty little girl. She now rides in a snuggly on the ATV and tries t help her mom work. I'm glad she is going to a home where she will have a job to do. She already thinks she's a big dog and at a pound it is funny to watch her try to be bossy! The rest of the pups are taking an interest but Mouse is definitely the one with the most instinct. Come see all the new babies there are more practically every day. Meg 951-259-2072

Sheepin the Shop, OH sh....!

As I was pouring my coffee I looked out the window and saw woolie behinds at the door of the workshop. UH OH! That's where Oscars veggie starts are and someone left the door unlatched! Emma (as usual) had pushed the door open and gone shopping with her friends! They only got into the chicken feed (rolled oats, alfalfa, molasses, sea weed, barley, and sunflower seeds.) and one tray of lettuce. It must have been a sight, 1 round woman and a border collie convincing big old ewes to leave the buffet and GET BACK OUT to the pasture! Tweed convinced them though and disaster was averted. Emma has a knack for opening barn doors an if you don't put a snap or lock through the hasp she's in. We take her to schools and nursing homes to visit so she has a misguided sense of entitlement. It is so fun to walk in to a nursing home with a sheep instead of a dog. Many of those people just light up! We have started video taping when these folks tell us their stories of growing up on the farm or what it was like before WWII. This is living history and needs to be preserved for future generations. Get your parents and grandparents to tell you how it really was back then. Tape it! We need to keep this knowledge available. And to think, my journey as a historian started with a sheep! Once our new site is up you will be able to watch these interviews and stories on line. Until then give us a buzz and come say hello. 951-259-2072. Meg
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