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The intersting side effect of cyber-stalking.

Many of you are aware of the vicious attacks we have been enduring over the last few months, both directly and via the internet. There has been an interesting side effect from all of this. People who read the nasty posts don't believe them and come by to see what all the fuss is about. The Lord does work in mysterious ways! We have gained friends and supporters we never would have had and I have even been approached to be part of a documentary because of all this. Wild huh? We still report every incident because it is after all a crime to harass and impersonate people. Thank you so much to all of our new friends and members. We value your support more than words can say! Meg 951-259-2072  

Picking up beef

Today my friend and I are going to get the beef shares for our members. We keep our beef flash frozen after dry aging, cutting and wrapping to ensure freshness. And the heath department wants it frozen for the farmers markets as well. We use 3 different commissary locations just to keep everyone happy. Our customers are happy with the flash freezing and it let's us harvest as the animals are ready rather than adhere to an artificial production schedule. Lambs will be ready for pick up the middle of next week, and the chickens are harvested on fridays. I am so grateful for the great group of abbatoirs we work with, both USDA and custom. These folks really know what they are doing and are just as important to the quality of the products we offer as the actual raising of the livestock. Thanks guys! Meg

I'm gonna miss him.

We said our last goodbye to my dear friend and Pop on Saturday. Bob passed on August 14 after 11 days in intensive care fighting a systemic infection. Bob was many things to many people. Husband, Father, Friend, and Blacksmith to name a few. Bob was my voice of reason. He kept me from flying off the handle and running my mouth more times than I can count. He would come by for hay and we would end up talking for hours about everything and nothing. He dragged me to events and introduced me to folks that have become lifetime friends. He taught me the value of keeping my cool, and that honesty trumps bravado every time. I think the most important thing I learned from Bob was to apply stockmanship to humans. Stay calm, be patient, and if they don't settle down and learn to do what's right, ship em! I'm going to miss my Pop but he's in a better place, shaping iron and smiling.
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