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What to do with a pack of Cub Scouts

Yesterday was MLK Day and in the spirit of service, an entire pack of Cub Scouts descended on the home farm. 30 boys under 10. We made trash sticks and lined all the boys up at the street fence, each was given a trash bag and told, "Whoever gets to the back fence with the fullest bag wins!" The race was on! Little boys were filling trash bags as fast as they could! After we fed them lunch they played with the new lambs, petted puppies, learned to throw a rope, and how to tie a half hitch to keep th goats from getting away. They had a Blast and so did we. It makes everything worthwhile to see children learning about animals and farming. They all want to come back again to "camp out". I can see it now, little tents all over the pasture and sing alongs around the fire pit. S'mores anyone? Some of the bigger boys got their horsemanship badges and 2 Eagle Projects are up for consideration. Come see what the boys got done. Call first so Gracie is put away though! 951-259-2072 Meg

Oscar's Hens Are Laying

After 2 weeks of mud and yuck I got one heck of a chuckle. Oscars little Game Hens laid their first eggs! He was so proud of those 2 little eggs. As everyone who knows me will tell you, I am NOT a bird person. It's worth putting up with them to see the sheer delight on that mans face when he gets those eggs. I ordered him more egg layers from McMurray Hatchery and since they were only a little more expensive I got him a selection of "Heritage" birds as well as the tried and true sex links. Thank goodness for Peggy! She is teaching us (me) how to raise chickens properly, building pasture enclosures, coops, brooders, etc. I'm still not completely sold on the chicken thing but that may be because what I know about chickens you could put in a thimble and still have room for an olympic size pool! I know beef, I know lamb, I know genetics, range management etc. Chickens are a whole new world. I think it was Jimmy Williams that said it best. "It's what you learn after you know it all that's important". On a more somber note AQHA legend First Down Dash died on Thanksgiving Day at Vessels Stallion Farm. This great horse will be missed, but we all know that he's up there with Scoop snacking on sunflower seeds! Memorials can be sent to AQHA Foundation. Time for me to head out and check cows. Meg

more youngsters, dutch oven fun

This has been a BUSY week! More lambs and goat kids have been born, 20 lambs and 3 kids. Everyone is doing well. This weeks dutch oven class was based around beef. We did some large roasts over the coals and grilled up some steaks just for fun. Everyone was shocked when I brought the steaks out still frozen. I explained that starting steaks frozen on the grill actually protects the tenderness of the meat. You don't lose any of the good juices that collect in the bag during during defrosting and it only adds about 10 minutes to the total cooking time. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to steaks and don't use anything but salt pepper and garlic on mine. If you want to marinade that's fine. I just usually don't. They all thought I was nuts until they sat down to eat. 10 converts! If it was only always that easy! This week we did Matimbres, classic roast beef, and dutch oven Wellingtons. As soon as the website is finished we'll start posting recipes, until then you can e-mail me and I'll send em to you. Next week I am at the Green Feast In San Juan Capistrano so class will be Monday nite. Some of the cooking students are getting more interested in other aspects of ranching and livestock care so we're going to allow the general public to attend some of our seminars and are developing a couple of classes for newcomers to country life. As soon as we have the schedule set I'll post it. If there are specific things you all are intereste in let me know and we'll do our best to get someone out here to talk about it. All the slots are filled for Branding Day. I had no idea people wanted to watch calves get branded, doctored and castrated. I'm glad they do though. If more people took the time to learn the how and why of where the meat they are eating comes from they would have a deeper appreciation for their food and the land that produces it. If I can show one person the difference between living with the land instead of just on it, I've done my job. Time to bring the sheep in. talk to you all soon. Meg
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