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The sun is out and its BEAUTIFUL this morning. After feeding all the critters at the home place I loaded up Wallace, Grace, and the ATV and went out to check cows. Good thing I didn't try to drive the truck up the hill to the leases or I would have had a mess. The road washed out in one place and Tommy had to haul up some old landing ramps as a temporary fix. We can get up to the girls on ATV's or horseback but its going to be a few days before he can get a tractor in to fix the road. Good thing they're in close! 15 calves in this herd so far and everyone is doing well. They move back up to the higher pastures in late April and we are considering having a cattle drive and gathering for Farm Members to enjoy. We're still bouncing the idea around as access is difficult after you come off the paved road. The plans for sheep shearing day at the home place are lining out nicely and we'll have the date set as soon as Julie lets us know when they'll be here. It's always a fun day, john talks about shearing and sheep care, we put a lamb in the pit to roast, and after the work is done its party time! Speaking of party time. Our custom meat cutter is making Corned Beef from several of our Grassfed and finished Briskets just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Corned beef has no corn in it, the term refers to the process used to make it, usually a spiced brine. It's Delicious! And if there is any left after the Holiday, in the smoker it goes for a few hours and you have my favorite sandwich meat on the planet, PASTRAMI! Let me know if you want some as supply is limited. Easter lamb orders are being taken now as well. Whole and half lamb, or by the cut. I only kept back 30 lambs for Easter this year so order early. Grass fed and finished American Lamb is one of the healthiest meats you can eat. Naturally tender and flavorful as well as being hypoallergenic. This years breed choices are Suffolk X Dorper, Columbia x Suffolk, Khatadin, Dorper, and Ramboullet x Dorset x Dorper. Come on by and say hello, the farm flock has babies bouncing everywhere, and the pups are ready to go. For those of you following Mouse's antics, I will have an update for you all tomorrow. Back to work! Meg


I have been talking with an old friend over the last week or so about some legal stuff and learned that he is a nutritionist and a naturopath. As we were catching up it dawned on both of us that his work meshes perfectly with ours! So now in addition to grass fed and finished beef and lamb, pastured pork and poultry, u-pick fruits and veggies, farm members and friends will have access to nutritional counseling and alternative therapies. This is such a blessing ! We will have a page up on the website in a week or so with consulting information and dates for seminars/ workshops. I have known Robert for over 30 years and his father was my "Pops" who passed away in2009. Pops would be so glad that we have renewed our friendship and proud that his son has joined our Farm Family to educate people and help them get healthy, in mind, body, and Spirit.Meg

Market Day

It's a beautiful day and the market is bustling. Last nite we were afraid that it was going to be raining so we loaded everything into the horse trailer just in case. tables, chairs, freezers etc. We figured we could stay warm and dry in there and our customers would have a place to warm up! Our regulars brave the elements and we couldn't disappoint them. People want their grass fed beef, lamb, and their pastured pork, and poultry no matter the weather. The market in Murrieta has only been open a few months and more people find it every week. In addition to our meat, eggs and citrus, there are wonderful veggie stalls, flowers, bread, cheese, herbs, candy, killer BBQ, mexican foods, sauces, honey, salsa, and the list goes on! Come see us on Sundays at Village Walk. Its a fun way to spend a morning and take home local products for eating during the week. Starting in March Pauley will be back cooking delicious dishes from items exclusively available at the market. Yum! I can't wait for Lamb pita pockets! Meg

Back to the Market

Yesterday was our first day back at the Murrieta Farmers Market. It was great to see all of our market friends! Now that there is room on the permit for us things should just keep clicking along. Our county changed their interpretation of the Veterans exemption so we had to wait for the market to be able to expand their permit to accommodate the 10 of us that were affected. We got some interesting questions yesterday that bear repeating (Ted I know your going to argue about this but hear me out.) One we got several times was, " Is the PORK grass fed?" No. Pigs cannot survive on grass or hay alone. They are a single stomached animal and cannot break down the cellulose enough to get proper nutrition. The pork we offer is Pastured. That means that they live outside, on living feed but it is not strictly grass. Root vegetables, as well as forbes, legumes and tubers are planted for them to eat. We also give them milk from the local dairy, and all the goodies that the farmers send home with us after the markets each week. This weeks load included beets, pumpkins, green beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, herbs, and squash. The chickens get their share of the loot too. I think people that use the terms Grass fed or Grass Finished when referring to pork or poultry are misleading consumers. it chips away at the very credibility of the claim of livestock being Grass Fed and Finished. Ruminants are the only animals capable of surviving on a total grass diet. If these claims keep being made pretty soon Grass Fed and Finished will have no more importance than the terms Natural, and Free Range. Another question that came up was "Is the Pork and Chicken Hormone Free?" Yes, it has been illegal to use hormones or steroids in pork and poultry production since the 1960's. We were also asked about GMO's. The question doesn't apply to grass fed catlle and sheep since they receive no grain in their diet. We have never fed GMO grains, in fact we feed no corn or soy at all because the probability of those grains being genetically modified is a near certainty, even Organic Corn and Soy products likely contain GMO's because the fact that the seed is modified does not have to be disclosed. Truly Local is putting together some literature for producers to take to Markets or place in their stores that details species appropriate diets as well as Source Verification information. This is a great thing for small producers! It gets the information out there to help educate consumers, and it does away with many of the myths and blatant falsehoods they sometimes come across. Always ask questions, get to know your farmers and ranchers, and above all,remember that if someone claims Grass Fed Pork or Poultry, odds are it's a bum steer! Meg

Clean Meat

I had a gal join our CSA and she asked a question that needs to be addressed again. She asked how we prove that our meat is "Clean". I asked her to define what she meant by Clean ans she said,"Can you prove what they eat is safe?" Yes We Can! While we are waiting for final approval from Animal Welfare Approved and American Grass fed. We adhere to the USDA Natural Guidlines and our stock is certified under that umbrella. That means: Livestock receive a plant based diet free of animal by-products, genetically modified grains, hormones, and antibiotics. Since our Cattle and Sheep are grass fed they exceed the criteria set by the USDA. The pigs are on a certified Organic diet as well as being pasture raised. Same for the birds. I offered to let her come and review our test results if she liked. We test our water and our Pastures annually for the health of the land and the animals that graze it. She asked about corn and soy. We don't feed either grain to any of our stock because gen-mo disclosure is not mandatory and I'm not taking chances. We pay a bit extra to have our meat graded and tested. Our Food supply has been so severly adulterated that we feel we must be able to prove that our products are safe, free from additives, and grown the way Nature intended it to grow. It may take our animals a little longer to get to your plate but I think is worth the wait.
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