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Jason Lost Emma!

Last nite Jason came running up to tell me a lamb was missing, I asked if he had counted noses and was assured that he had. So off we went on a lamb hunt. Out to the pasture, through the barn, in the sheds. No lamb. Hmmmm. Then I notice Emma wasn't with the flock. I knew just where to look! Sure enough she was in the tack room! She was snuggled up with her lamb in the horse blankets! Emma came off a show string and has a definite sense of entitlement. I ran them both over to the barn and put them back in the jugs for a couple of more days. All of the puppies are doing great! Lil gave us a scare though, eclampsia, so it was a nite of IV's and worry. Today she is much better but I'm having to feed her pups 4 times a day. They took right to eating food so that's good! Gracie's pups are going out to the pasture to "watch" sheep every couple of days and Mouse keeps everyone entertained. That's one gritty little girl. She now rides in a snuggly on the ATV and tries t help her mom work. I'm glad she is going to a home where she will have a job to do. She already thinks she's a big dog and at a pound it is funny to watch her try to be bossy! The rest of the pups are taking an interest but Mouse is definitely the one with the most instinct. Come see all the new babies there are more practically every day. Meg 951-259-2072

The Sun is Shining!

We've had more rain in the last 2 weeks than we usually get all year so things are a bit mucky here at the home place. The sheep and goats can go out in the pasture but the farmyard looks, well, like a farmyard! If the weather holds we should be able to start digging out by Sunday. The rain has cost us a field of alfalfa but we will move some of the yearling steers over there so it won't be a total loss! The home flock is starting to lamb so we will be BUSY for the next few weeks. Thank heaven the jugs are up so eveeryone will be warm and dry. Oscar is planting seedlings for the U-Pick garden and the Tilapia fry are in the stock tanks. Puppies are squeaking, better go let Gracie out. Give us a call and come see what we're up to. 951-259-2072 Meg

Glad to be back

I am so glad to be active again on Local Harvest Thank you. I want all of my customers past and present to know that I now have a Manager! Doris will oversee deliveries, shipping, order confirmation etc. as you all know that is NOT my forte! I am sticking to what I know and letting someone else run the office! I'm sure that with Doris on board things will run a lot more smoothly. She already has my lecture schedule confirmed & on my desk. Yikes! The 2011 series will include, Lambing 101 what the new breeder needs to know. Cattle Basics, required testing, range management and grazing practices. Advanced Production, stocking rates, determining finish on grass fed animals,breeding, selection for grass based operations. Guest lectures from ranchers and stockmen that have had an impact on Grass Feeding in the West. I will keep you posted for dates and times. If you need to make an appointment CALL DORIS! Not my job anymore. Thank Heaven! Meg

Winter Lambs

We are right on schedule with the winter crop of lambs. 2 sets of twins & 2 singles here at the farm. These old gals are amazing. Over 100 out with the commercial girls. We have about 3 weeks of catnapping and then back to business as usual. I will post more often to keep all of you up to date on our activities.

I really want your input.

We've been invited to participate in a new Farmers Market with an interesting twist. Everything sold at this market must be produced and processed Locally(within 100 miles). I asked a lot of questions and after a lot of thought I'm in. It means we can't sell our pork there but that's ok. Beef, lamb, and poultry will have to suffice. It will do away with a lot of the geegaws and re-sellers but that's ok too. Their premise is to showcase local products and I hope it works. Would you rather see a traditional market or one that enforces the hundred mile rule? I think that there are valid arguements on both sides of the issue but want to know what other producers and consumers think. Thanks in advance. Meg
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