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The sun is out and its BEAUTIFUL this morning. After feeding all the critters at the home place I loaded up Wallace, Grace, and the ATV and went out to check cows. Good thing I didn't try to drive the truck up the hill to the leases or I would have had a mess. The road washed out in one place and Tommy had to haul up some old landing ramps as a temporary fix. We can get up to the girls on ATV's or horseback but its going to be a few days before he can get a tractor in to fix the road. Good thing they're in close! 15 calves in this herd so far and everyone is doing well. They move back up to the higher pastures in late April and we are considering having a cattle drive and gathering for Farm Members to enjoy. We're still bouncing the idea around as access is difficult after you come off the paved road. The plans for sheep shearing day at the home place are lining out nicely and we'll have the date set as soon as Julie lets us know when they'll be here. It's always a fun day, john talks about shearing and sheep care, we put a lamb in the pit to roast, and after the work is done its party time! Speaking of party time. Our custom meat cutter is making Corned Beef from several of our Grassfed and finished Briskets just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Corned beef has no corn in it, the term refers to the process used to make it, usually a spiced brine. It's Delicious! And if there is any left after the Holiday, in the smoker it goes for a few hours and you have my favorite sandwich meat on the planet, PASTRAMI! Let me know if you want some as supply is limited. Easter lamb orders are being taken now as well. Whole and half lamb, or by the cut. I only kept back 30 lambs for Easter this year so order early. Grass fed and finished American Lamb is one of the healthiest meats you can eat. Naturally tender and flavorful as well as being hypoallergenic. This years breed choices are Suffolk X Dorper, Columbia x Suffolk, Khatadin, Dorper, and Ramboullet x Dorset x Dorper. Come on by and say hello, the farm flock has babies bouncing everywhere, and the pups are ready to go. For those of you following Mouse's antics, I will have an update for you all tomorrow. Back to work! Meg

The end of an amazing day

Today started out pretty normal, feeding, watering, moving livestock around, checking puppies, etc. Two of our sustainers are visiting and have been building our new website while they are here. Bless them! We looked into getting the ATV fixed so it would be easier to feed and get the sheep out to graze in the mornings, Robbie from JRS Motorsports came to give us an estimate and its going to take about $400 to get the Polaris back in shape. Ouch! Robbie told us he had a Honda in good shape but it was out of my price range right now. Our friends stepped in an got it for us! They said they would take it out in meat. Wonderful! Thank you so much! We can get the work done more efficiently and use much less gas then Betsy requires! The commitment that our members have to "Their Farm" never ceases to amaze me! All but 2 of Gracie's pups are spoken for now with Molly going to a friend up the hill. She hid 5 from me when I wrote about them. 11 pups instead of 6! Their eyes are all opening now and their personalities are developing. They are going to be great working dogs. The boys are cooking a ham in the pit tonite and hanging out around the fire. I'm going to take Lil in to her 8 pups now and call it a nite. It's a nice quiet end to an amazing day! Come see us soon 951-259-2072 Meg

Guardian dogs

Ever been body checked by an Akbash? My female did just that! I was feeding her and getting her whelping box ready when she slammed into me and made a bee line for the back seat of the truck! She had decided that the warm back seat of "her truck" was the place she was having her pups and that was that! It was rather comical. 80lb of white dog grinning out the window as I cleaned the mud off my pants! I let her hang out figuring she had a few more days to go. Wrong! As we pulled in to Big jims for our morning infusion of coffee and killer omelets I heard a strange squeaking from the back seat. The puppies were coming! Luckily she had a horse blanket back there for just such an emergency. I checked to see that she wasn't having trouble and we went to breakfast. She had 2 more while we were inside and Jim sent her out biscuits and gravy to give her "energy". His wife just shook her head and laughed. She's used to us rolling in with bottle babies, the working dogs, Lil, or lord knows what in the pickup. When she saw the rainbow of pups she asked what kind they are. With a perfectly straight face I told her, "These are the last of the very rare Akahoula dogs. There are only 6 others on the planet!" She looked at me and then started laughing her head off. "Kinda like grass fed pigs right?" I just laughed and said "yup". Seriously though, this cross has turned out to be better than average as a stock guard. 3 of the older pups live on working ranches and do their jobs really well! The other 3 are companion dogs an their owners adore them. I have reserves on 6 from this litter so there are 3 still available. They are steady, loyal dogs that are quite content to live with a flock of sheep or on the couch. Come see them! They would make a great addition to any home with room for a bigger dog. Lil is taking great care of them although she needed some convincing that the barn was a better home than my truck! Meg
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