Pot o' Gold Honey Farm

  (Williamsport, Tennessee)

Another bee season comes to an end

My third bee season has come to a close--the honey has been extracted and sold, the supers put away for the winter. The only task left is to do a last hive check to make sure all the hives are going into the winter months in strong, healthy condition. If not, I'll take my losses and combine the weaker ones. I've made in through another year without adding any chemicals to my hives. This year I added two new hives from packages of bees with "resistant, survivor" queens, which had been chemical-free for 5 years. A real feat in today's apiaries. Happily, they are very strong. Fall and winter brings new joys and hobbies. I've been making beeswax candles from the wax cappings, which I love to do. The candles burn so beautifully. This year I'm making a batch of mead, which is coming along nicely, also want to try a soap recipe that calls for honey and beeswax. It was a good year and I'm already looking forward to next year. Have plans to plant more herbs and especially lavender on my little bee farm. If any of you all still want honey, my good friend and mentor Steve of "My Girls" honey farm still has plenty in 1 pound glass jars for $5.00--they make great Christmas gifts!
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