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Easter Dinner

Yesterday was Sonny's big day.  He made a wonderful centerpiece for our Easter dinner, and all of our guests couldn't get over how tender and delicious the turkey was.

We didn't have enough stuffing, though.  After being plucked, etc., Sonny weighed 14 pounds, and Bob and I bought enough stuffing for a 16 to 20 pound turkey.  We could have used an extra half of a bag.  Bob suspects that this is because the label was designed with the typical grocery store turkey in mind, the Broad Breasted.  They have big thick double breasts that leave little room for a chest cavity.  Our heritage turkeys, meanwhile, only have a single breast that isn't so dense, allowing more space for stuffing.

The worst part of the meal was just before we ate.  As we were about to say grace, a mother and daughter knocked at the door.  They said they lived down the street, and had been going for a walk when they saw a car hit a turkey.  The came to let us know because they knew we kept turkeys.  I walked down the street to where the dead turkey was, a feeling of dread in my stomach.  As soon as I saw the dead turkey, I felt a sense of relief.  It was a wild turkey, not a beloved member of my breeding flock!

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