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Those Darn Computers!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a couple days.  I've been having a lot of computer trouble.  I'll do the best I can to fill you on what you missed during my computer-free days.

On Friday, the turkeys were so much fun to watch.  Blue, our oldest and highest-ranking hen (female) in the pecking order, spent much of the day leading the rest of the flock in a march up and down the pasture.  She had a spring in her step the whole time!

On Saturday, the chickens went on an adventure.  They previously hadn't ventured far out of the garden, but that changed.  They crossed the driveway and spent the day under the bushes along the house, happily digging under the fallen leaves.  They did make quite the fuss when Dianna drove the car out of the garage, down the driveway, and to the grocery store!  (King Louis XIV, our rooster, especially did.  Kaaaaaa, baak, baak, baak, KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, baaak baaak baaak!)  They were good little chickens, though, and all went back to the chicken coop when dusk came.

Also on Saturday, we got our biggest chicken egg ever.  We've been getting a lot of 1.75 oz eggs lately, but yesterday we got a 2.25 oz egg!  It's now sitting next to a 1.25 oz egg in an egg carton, making the 1.25 oz egg look like very, very tiny.

Today, I didn't let the chickens out because a red-tailed hawk was perched right by the chicken coop when I came out to feed them this morning.  They weren't too happy about that.  They also refused to lay their eggs in the nest-boxes we made them yesterday.  I'm rather annoyed.  I'll just have to make the nest boxes more appealing, I guess.

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