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March at Colvin Family Farm

Howdy from Colvin Family Farm!

We're having an eventful month so far--exciting happenings and semi-disasters have kept us hopping as we try to fit our busy Spring schedule between the predictably unpredictable East, TN weather--snow and freezing temperatures, flooding rain, and sunny hot days...

We hope you're having a great Spring, we can't wait to see you all at the farmers' markets!

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Keeping on schedule with our plantings in the greenhouse makes this one of the more important projects we've been up to this month--believe it or not we've already seeded the lettuce that we'll be harvesting in mid June! We've already seeded more than 300,000 transplants for the new season!
We had 3,000 crowns of asparagus delivered this week! Although we won't be able to harvest any off of this new patch until next Spring (at the earliest), it's exciting!
The supplies were delivered to the new farm for our packing shed this month...
We had to remove a few stumps that were in the way...
To grade out where we'll set the pad...right now we're waiting on it to dry out again so we can have fill dirt hauled out so we can shape the loading dock.
We've been able to find a few days dry enough to work on the hightunnel, we hope to have it finished up within the next couple of weeks so that...
...we can get our tomato transplants in the ground!
Over the past week we have finally been able to work ground for our Spring crops--I don't have pictures ready, but we've transplanted lots of onions, broccoli, kale, collards, lettuce, leeks, kohlrabi, spinach & more!
The biggest setback we have had this month would be when a terrible wind storm blew down one of our greenhouses, and damaged one of our others--we lost a couple thousand transplants, and had our work cut out for us saving what was left!
We had to dig flats of baby transplants out of the "rubble." We then stacked what flats weren't up in the back of one of the box trucks, and hauled everything else to the other greenhouses, and spread them under tables temporarily.
On to some exciting things--we now own a semi-commercially sized incubator that holds nearly 150 eggs! We are starting to expand our flock of Black Australorp chickens without having to ship in new stock from an out of state hatchery!
Hatched out on the first day of Spring, this was our first chick in the new incubator :)
We're always doing our best to learn from other folk--this past month a few of us Colvins were able to listen to Will Allen speak about his success with urban farming. While we're the exact opposite of urban farming, it was awesome to hear this amazing man present solid farming advice.
And one last exciting tidbit--we've got our globe artichokes planted--we are really babying these and with a seasons experience trying, we hope to have a successful harvest this year!
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