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Coming to a Grocery Near You - Pesticide Laden Corn

PictureOne of the many reasons I oppose the use of genetically modified corn is one of the modified traits is to make it resistant to pesticides.

To me it only stands to reason that if you know the poison won't kill your corn you would be more apt to use plenty enough to kill the weeds.

If you end up with some weed pressure when the corn is up high but still able to drag a boom sprayer through it, why not spray poison again? After all it can't kill the corn plants they are genetically resistant. And if you're the seed modifier why not make the seed resistant to the poison you sell?

Great ideas from strictly a marketing standpoint.

But common sense tells me I don't want to eat food that has been hosed down with pesticides maybe more than once.

The latest: Monsanto’s new GMO corn, intended for the frozen and/or canned corn market. This experimental corn will not be labeled, so consumers cannot know when they may be eating a GMO food that contains a toxic pesticide in every bite

Let the food giants know you don't want to eat pesticide laden corn.
Go to The Center For Food Safety and click the "Take Action" button.

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