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Farmers Market Does Not mean Local or Organic

Picture Farmers Markets are increasingly offering products that are not locally grown. I am seeing more and more produce that is the exact same stuff you can buy at your local grocery store.

I don't offer my products at farmers markets but I do make my rounds to them occasionally and talk to many farmers who sell at them.

The number one complaint I'm hearing is the amount of vendors who buy produce from wholesale houses or produce auctions and then sell it at the market.

In fairness, not all of them are saying it's local but many rely on the fact that people assume it is local or homegrown because they are buying at a farmers market.

If you are buying tomatoes or cantaloupe at a farmers market around these parts in mid May....it ain't local by any stretch of the imagination.

This is a classic case of markets need vendors and vendors need an outlet.

My message isn't these types of products should not be sold at a farmers market. That is up to the folks who run the market. I am all for a free enterprise system.

However, I think full disclosure is a good place to start.

But by far the best way to get what you pay for is still "Buyer beware"

Ask vendors if they grew the product themselves. Sometimes they buy from other farmers which in that case it may be local farm raised product.

But if it came from a wholesale house many times you can get the same conventionally grown stuff at your local supermarket.

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Farmer markets that are listed at Local Harvest here in Florida do the same thing and they are faking it as you say and the unsuspecting customers yields to the LIES about fresh locally grown produce that is mostly imported from Mexico or is not organic and is bought at whole sale produce houses.Local harvest should remove those Fake Farmer market from its listings as they are not REALLY who they claim to be:FARMERS ???Good article.

Posted by tony on May 19, 2012 at 04:48 PM EDT #

It seems to be more and more common here also regardless of whether they are listed on this site or not. I'm not sure how Local Harvest would police this type of thing.

I believe, but don't hold me to it, LH has policies in place that spell out who they allow to list on here.


Posted by David on May 19, 2012 at 09:42 PM EDT #

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