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New Building Framed Up

Our new building is framed up and ready for metal. We'll use this to farrow pigs in the winter and brood chicks when pigs are out on pasture.


I try to plan buildings for multiple use. For the first several years the only building we had was a yard barn. As we have grown we have put up some barns for storage and shelter. The pigs are normally in huts that we keep straw in for warmth.

 Tamworth pigs are known for there ability to with stand cold temps but they still need something to protect then from the wind and wetness of Winter and Spring.


I'll put the sows in this about a week or so before they pig so they can get used to it and prepare for the little ones.


New Building

 Here's a shot of the pole building we put up last year. I hope to use it for farm tours etc.


Pole Building

Well just a peek at what we're doing.


Until next time....

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