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Everything but the squeal

Everything but the squeal - Margie Wuebker

Copyright October 2010 Country Living Magazine

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The driveway at Dean and Marilyn Wyler's Coshocton  County farm fills with cars and pickup trucks as friends and relatives arrive for butchering day with visions of pork chops, sausage, ribs, roasts bacon, and ham dancing in their heads.

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving is butchering time in these parts, and ambitious workers are needed to process 11 hogs in assembly line fashion and then share the fruits - or rather the meat of their labor.

 The Wyler's, who live near [more] go to page 44


Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs?

Here I am in this dang bed and who's gonna feed them hogs? So goes the old Tom T Hall song...After surgery on Monday I'm glad I'm not wondering that! 

 I would say "minor" surgery but the only time it's minor is when someone else has it!

 Seriously though I am so thankful for friends and family. The farm has perked along just fine even though I've hardly left the couch since Monday.

Thanks to all!


till next time!

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