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Grass Fed Beef

I just got spoke to my processor on the phone. I was thrilled to hear him say he was "impressed" with the way our beef looked on the rail. He said it was not what he expected for grass fed beef. A really special compliment coming from a guy who has been in the business since he was born! The family ran business just celebrated 100 years in business.

 He said the cover was excellent and it was marbled nicely. He had not seen that in 100% grass fed, grass finished beef. To tell you the truth, until recently I have not been a fan of grass finished beef. I was raised on grass fed and grain finished beef which was what we had to do in order to obtain a good finish.Genetics have come a long way since then.

 I'm pleased to announce we have finally got a product that is 100% grass fed and holds it own with any beef on the market! 


Until next time!

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