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Joel Salatin - Folk's This Ain't Normal

Love him or hate him, Joel Salatin is leading the charge when it comes to small farms.

 I can't wait to read his new book coming out in October. I love the fact that Joel has got the ear of a portion of America that is big enough to help bring about change. 

 Watch the video to get a glimpse into what he'll be covering. While you're at it if you don't know about the Farm to Consumer Legal defense Fund check them out!

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Joel Salatin - Eco-Agriculture Can Feed the World

I read this article yesterday in Acres USA by Joel Salatin. As always, he makes a very compelling case for sustainable agriculture.

This piece will help any eco-farmer help answer the question folks ask that goes something like "Do you really think we can feed the world using all these old methods of farming?"


This is a pdf file you will need Adobe Acrobat.

 Read it here.

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