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Pigs all processed for the year... now for the new babies!

Well once again summer has flown by and fall is turning to winter. As soon as it starts freezing at night I'm glad all the market hogs are gone and only breeding stock is left.

I'd much rather  be frying bacon in the morning than moving pigs and thawing water tanks. Sows are so easy to take care of it doesn't seem much like work except when it rains and the mud won't go away.

Actually I have one Old Spot left that goes to meet the sausage maker on December 18th. The customer wanted his pork with the "rind on" so I have to send him to a shop that will scald v.s. skin him. He is hoping to dry cure the hams and a few other neat, old, techniques that produce old style pork. Since the Gloucester Old Spots are very old line pigs they should be great for the job. Once that gets under way I'll put a link to the blog that will detail it all.

The end of February or first of March new pigs will be born and we start all over!


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