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Ron Paul vs The Raw Milk Police

 I started raising Oberhasli dairy goats last year as a way to supply my family with fresh, grass fed, raw milk.

We have many customers who asked about milk and we have to tell them that the ODA and FDA consider it a crime to sell raw milk.


 Many times people are shocked that a farmer is seriously restricted as to what and how they can sell off the farm and it keeps getting worse.

 I believe the raw milk controversy is the fore runner to defining our food rights as American consumers. Even if you have no interest in raw milk (which is a wonderful health food), ask yourself if you want to be told you can no longer buy eggs off the farm that are ungraded. Or, produce has to be inspected to insure it is safe so no on farm sales of produce either.

 A large percentage of these laws and regulations are sponsored and pushed by big business to eliminate the competition and maintain the illusion that only food from the "established system" is safe to eat.

Check out Dr Mercola's latest post about Ron Paul standing up and saying enough! [more]



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